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Surrey Performance - Video Talent ID Applications

Surrey Performance - Video Talent ID Applications

Richard Kendall7 Jun - 16:30
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Information for juniors aspiring to play for Surrey.

This is the second year in which the Surrey CCC Talent Pathway will run a Video Submission Assessment Process, which has replaced what were formerly ‘Phase 1 – in-person’ assessments.

The emphasis in making this change has been to provide a more open and ‘equitable’ process, by allowing the player/parent to nominate themselves, as opposed to clubs acting as arbiter, and secondly, to better facilitate the logistics of a process that numbered 1000+ submissions in 2023.

Players whose videos are accepted by us then progress to an ‘in-person observation session’, which enables our key staff to have a detailed firsthand view of the players batting/bowling/fielding skills.

This Video HERE explains the process, and what to include within a players submission, whether batter, bowler or wicket-keeper.

Success at this point involves a player being invited onto an age-group based training and matchplay programme over the course of the following winter/summer.

Submissions will be accepted up until 1st July, after which we will take some time to view and assess all videos, with yes/no outcomes to be communicated by 15th August.

The observation sessions will run throughout September/October on Sundays, with the aim of communicating final selection into our programme by 1st November.

For your awareness, the Talent Pathway have also produced this resource HERE, detailing the attributes they seek to identify and develop in young players, on an age-specific basis.

To meet the ‘equitable’ requirements of the process, they are eager to keep the assessment process ‘blind’ in ensuring that their staff are not aware of club/school affiliation at the point at which they view videos/see players first-hand.

Should you have any questions about this process, then please direct these to

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