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Club Fantasy Cricket - Scouting Report

Club Fantasy Cricket - Scouting Report

Richard Kendall10 May - 10:00
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Ed Fresson & Max Johnson look ahead to the must have picks for 2024.

Sign up and see the full rules HERE. The more people that enter, the bigger the prize fund! This may be adjusted depending on the number of entrants, but we are aiming for something like:

  • Winner - £50
  • Runner Up - £20
  • Third Place - £15
  • Monthly Winners - £10 each (May, June, July, August)

BOE CC Reporters Network:

It was a meeting of minds in the Fantasy League Scout hut as Max "Stella Monster" Johnson completed his climb to the top of Copse Hill, following hibernation at Wimbledon Rugby Club over the winter months. Disturbed by Facilities Day, he had been spotted in and around Beverley Brook - first in the pavilion, then in the bar - but was now established in a dimly-lit corner up the road with his old teammate, Ed "Express" Fresson, as they looked forward to the 2024 season.

"You arrived early?" was Stella's opening line...

"Just an hour or two..." replied Ed, "I wanted to scroll through the highlights reel from training these past few months, in anticipation of our coffee today..."

"You're looking a bit unkempt, Fress: what's that about?"

"Forget Year of the Ox, or Dragon, or Monkey... It's the Year of the Moustache, apparently..."

"Is that what that is?" retorted the Monster, "I thought you'd been drawing on your face again!"

Pleasantries exchanged, Stella and Ed began to digest the player values released ahead of the upcoming campaign.

"Points over potential, the key to Fantasy," was Stella's analysis... Ed somewhat disagreed, arguing that leaving room to develop was as important as laying down a marker early doors, "We shall see how it pans out: slow and steady wins the race!"

Max's tips for the season:

For me, there's some good value to be had across the club, with the team reshuffle pulling players into new openings. John Jackson as WK bat looks a steal at £5.5m - catches and runs. Value pick in Alf Peirse if he turns out enough, £4m a good price for a genuine all rounder. Zeeshan Kalim, Richard Down and Yahya Soofi all at £4.5m, each with the capacity to rack up big points on any given week.

Ed's tips for the season:

I'm thinking of going double-Chadwick for starters this season - Michael for his batting and Samuel for his displays last season. I hear that Oliver will be back later in the season so definitely one to watch out for then. The Perera father-son combination is tempting at £3m apiece and likewise the Peirses, Jackson-Garcias, Gramopadhyes and Bastians are good value too. I particularly like how we're spoilt for choice on the keeper front: where to begin?! All seven of the current options look like they're bargains; as the campaign kicks off I guess we'll get a firmer idea...

Last but not least adding in team captains (Merriman - 1st XI, Campbell - 2nd XI, Jackson - 3rd XI) is never a bad ploy. They are the ones deciding when they get to bat and bowl after all...!

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